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Isvi Srinivasa Reddy

Chief Consultant

Has twenty five years of work experience and have been a solution provider in handling various types of projects including multi-storied buildings, commercial complexes, institutional buildings, hospitals, residential apartments, bungalows, row housing, and corporate buildings etc for major construction companies.

Experience covers coordination with the clients, planning, designing, analysis, case study, and preparation of drawings at various levels related to conceptual, preliminary, and detailed working drawings. etc., formulation of specifications, schedule of finishes, co-ordination with consultants of various disciplines of the project, cost estimation and optimization,  evaluation and selection of contractors, supplying manpower, execution of the project and handing it over.

  • Worked in the USA for 5 years at ACME American, LLC, Atlanta, GA, USA (1999-2004) in the department of Architecture & Construction Management as a Project Coordinator. 

  • Work Experience includes various projects handled over the years as a part of established firms and companies namely 'Shalivahana Construction' (2005-2007) as Design Engineer, 'Ambience Properties' (2007-2010) as in-house Architect

  • Worked as a Visiting Faculty, Juror and in Research and Development revising the entire curriculum for Material and Construction subjects in Hamstech Institute affiliated to JNAFAU. Specialised in taking Guest Lectures in 'Vasthu in relation to Modern Science and Present day requirement', 'Professional Practice with a practical approach', 'Green Building Concepts', Srinivasa Reddy has graced several lectures for students with his exceptional knowledge in his professional experience.

  • Took over the legacy of Venkat Ranga Construction as 'New-Line Consultants' since 1992 and is successfully running the consultancy over 30 years. 

Other International Exposure:

  • Certification in handling Water proofing Techniques in Dubai conducted by SIKA 2013.

  • Attended International Conference on Green Buildings “Big 5- 2013” in Dubai.

  • Travelled across the world including USA, Europe, and Middle East to understand the ancient and modern Architecture of the world.

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